Sumi combines the power of web3 networks with enterprise-grade performance to create the ultimate decentralized storage solution.


About the company

Flostream democratizes storage, commodifies bandwidth

Flostream is a protocol for both content storage and delivery bandwidth, combining what is today two industries into one platform, on a decentralized network. Flostream offers a distributed “content availability layer”, not only providing infinite storage and high-speed content delivery but also enabling direct ownership of data, and creating a new ecosystem of on-demand-content for Web3, in a trust-less environment.

Flostream is built on years of experience building existing platforms, and leverages cutting edge research to enable true on-demand content delivery that will be able provide higher performance than web2 systems, with all of the benefits of Web3, including data integrity, ownership and privacy.  Their protocol makes stored content highly available, verifiable, entirely owned by users and for the first time ever gives users direct control over their content’s streaming delivery quality, or specifically the networking bandwidth. Web 2 and Web 3 apps can use Flostream’s content availability layer to store, and stream data on a network where users pay for access to bandwidth.