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If there’s nobody to trust, do we fearfully plod along while technology progresses at breakneck speed? No. Of course not. That’s why we invest our time, energy, and belief in
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Blockchain offers a solution via the concept of trustlessness - which means we don’t need to trust third parties, people and institutions because the parameters of every interaction are already in the code.

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November 30, 2023

The Cypherpunks: The group that sparked a crypto revolution

“The people in this room hope for a world where an individual's informational footprints—everything from an opinion on abortion to the medical record of an actual abortion—can be traced only if the individual involved chooses to reveal them; a world where coherent messages shoot around the globe by network and microwave, but intruders and feds trying to pluck them out of the vapor find only gibberish; a world where the tools of prying are transformed into the instruments of privacy. There is only one way this vision will materialize, and that is by widespread use of cryptography.” - Eric Hughes, The Cypherpunk Manifesto

November 9, 2023

1982 and not 1984: David Chaum's Legacy on Digital Privacy (Throwback Thursday, Part 2)

While George Orwell's 1984 portrays a fictional totalitarian government that employs systemic pervasive surveillance, since 1982, Chaum's work has focused on practical solutions and tools for individuals, network states and nation states to protect their privacy against bad actors, hegemony and totalitarianism in the digital age.

November 9, 2023

1978: Crypto Roots and Merkle Trees - Throwback Thursday, Part 1

The hash tree, also commonly referred to as the "Merkle Tree" refers to a data structure patented by Dr. Merkle in 1979. Building off previous work in public key cryptosystems, Merkle was searching for a method of securely obtaining digital signatures. Merkle Trees are utilized today by Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies to record transactions.

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