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Scytale Digital and Mythical Games proudly present this year's Scytale Academy, a 10-week mentorship program tailored for emerging web3 gaming projects.

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Academy Summary

  • Starting in: March 2024
  • Duration: 10 weeks
  • Closes: 04 February 2024
  • Showcase Day: 16 May 2024
  • Where: Fully Remote
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Participating in the Scytale Academy was a game-changing journey for Acurast. The white-gloved mentorship and insights provided by the Scytale research team was invaluable to Acurast. Our participation paved the way for Scytale to co-lead our seed funding round and also brought Scytale on board as an advisor to the project. Additionally, the chance of taking part at Scytale's conference and presenting our project to a broad audience opened many more doors.

Alessandro De Carli
Cofounder, Acurast
What types of projects are we seeking for the Academy application?

Scytale Digital & Mythical Games invite early-stage projects from across the spectrum of blockchain gaming, embracing not only games but also a diverse range of initiatives related to this dynamic space. Whether you're developing cutting-edge games, novel in-game assets, blockchain infrastructure for gaming, or pioneering solutions at the intersection of blockchain and gaming technology, we're eager to hear from you. Our doors are open to any project that contributes to the exciting evolution of blockchain gaming.

Benefits and resources


Participating teams will receive mentoring from the Investment team at Scytale Digital. Founders of startups encounter numerous challenges, and these mentorship sessions provide a fantastic opportunity for founders to engage in one-on-one discussions with investors. This approach has proven highly successful for founders in previous Scytale Academy programs.

Showcase day

Founders will be invited to attend the Scytale Conference in Lugano, Switzerland, where they will have the opportunity to showcase their projects. This experience not only offers exposure to a high-quality network but also opens the door to potential engagement with angel investors.

Educational Sessions

The Mythical Games team will conduct educational sessions covering a variety of topics. These sessions are more expansive than the mentoring sessions and are led by experts in each field. This platform not only provides founders with the chance to address any challenges they may be facing but also expands their professional network.

Potential Investment

Scytale will make investment decisions during or after the Academy, determining suitability for participating teams.


Everything you need to know about the application process.
How is the Scytale Digital - Mythical Games Academy different from an accelerator?
Drawing from our past experiences, we've observed that other programs often adopt a blanket mentality towards participating teams. In contrast, the Scytale Digital - Mythical Games Academy will feature two key phases: an initial segment with broad workshops and a subsequent phase focusing on personalized one-on-one mentorship. This approach aims to nurture both collective understanding and individual growth within the program.
How much does the Scytale Digital - Mythical Games Academy cost?
The program is entirely free, and participating projects may be eligible for a discretionary investment from Scytale, or other investors, upon completion of the Academy.
What does the application process entail?
The deadline for submitting applications is 4 February 2024. The application process is two-fold, with all applicants required to apply via the application form. The top applicants will then be invited to a 15-minute interview.
Who should apply to the Scytale Digital - Mythical Games Academy?
Early-stage founders who have a gaming-related project building in Web3 are encouraged to apply. Projects do not have to be a game itself; they could also be a studio, gaming infrastructure project, etc.

Past Speakers

Speakers play a vital role in the academy. They generously impart their wisdom, guidance, and experiences with the participating projects.

Sergio Mottola
Founder & CEO
Web3 Music Association
David Perry
Founder & COO
Zeitgeist PM
Alan Vey
Founder & CEO
Aventus Network
Lucas Vogelsang
Founder & CEO
Angela Dalton
Founder & CEO
Signum Growth Capital

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